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Beat the Burn's proactive efforts are modelled after the research of J. Eric Gentry, Ph.D., LMHC. The internationally recognized leader in clinical and disaster traumatology offers over 30 years information to be shared freely with credit. Dr. Gentry is well known as an expert in resolution of burnout, toxic stress, and compassion fatigue amongst caregivers. His books, courses, research, and counsel continues to help improve the mental health of frontline workers around the world.

Dr. Gentry's Resiliency Model:

1. Interoception and Self-regulation

2. Mission

3. Peer support

4. Perceptual Maturation

5. Self care

Each BTB initiative strives to incorporate two or more of these methods. We feel that basing our approach on the research already completed is not only the smartest but the most effective way of making a difference. 


and Fun.

Hatch Counselling has compiled a collection of Dr. J. Eric Gentry's activities and other resources. Some can be completed individually while others require a team. Give it a try... you may be surprised!

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