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Research has found the most effective way to build mental resilience is through peer support. By creating a sense of community within a workplace staff can experience feelings of belonging, comfort, and
safety. These pins serve to do just that. When worn independently they provide a reminder to self reflect on one’s own mental wellbeing. When worn collectively they create a safe space for conversations and growth to prosper.

By making efforts to increase the mental wellbeing of frontline workers we strive to keep their passion fueled within. In doing so, we expect to create more permanent and stable employees throughout an organization. The sense of belonging can also lead to increased job satisfaction and fulfillment.


We want to make these pins as accessible as possible! However, unfortunately everything seems to have a cost. With a donation to CMHA, Beat the Burn will cover the expense of 1-3 pins. For requests of 4 or more, we are asking $1.50 per pin. This simply covers the expenses as we do not make any profit from this. We apologize if this creates a barrier for your team, department, or organization. Thank you for understanding!

Each pin includes a backing card to explain the purpose they serve and a butterfly clutch. A formal proposal can be provided upon request.



Beat the Burn has partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association for this initiative. Each recipient of a pin will be asked to make a donation to the CMHA in return. This is a nonobligatory request as we understand everyone's financial position looks different during this challenging time.


100% of the funds raised to go directly to CMHA.


Since the start, Beat the Burn's focus has been on raising awareness. If we can assist in raising money to build a stronger tomorrow... well then that's a bonus! Tax receipts can be provided directly from the Canadian Mental Health Association

A decreased sense of belonging within your work environment has been found to increase the risk of burnout by 56%




Order a Free Pin
Interested in ordering pins?

We are now offering online purchases and accepting Credit/ Debit cards and Paypal

To get started, please select the option that best applies to you:

I have made a donation to CMHA National and would now like to request 1 - 3 pins for free

I would like to make a bulk order of pins for my friends, team, department, or organization

I would like more information before I place an order or are wanting to make a special request

Beat The Burn Pins are being worn all across Canada! Click HERE to view our progress.

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